We're talking about laundry and dry cleaning 2.0

Washrz delivers the quickest, easiest to use, and most reliable professional laundry, dry cleaning, shoe spa and on-site services that completely adjusts to your needs.

We collect, clean, and deliver your things to your doorstep. When and where you need us, we will be there.

Who we are

“We are a startup that is trying to permanently change the way people approach cleaning and maintenance of their apparel and accessories.

It is the first WhatsApp-only service to provide Dry Clean services directly within the WhatsApp.

We do not believe that an additional laundry app is necessary on your smartphone.”

We protect our environment

Social and environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We are building the largest fleet of electric delivery vehicles and are committed to reducing water, electricity consumption and the amount of packaging.

We’re investing into one of the largest fleets of electric delivery vehicles.

Amazing! That will become the single largest fleet of trikes/quadricycles in operation! So positive to witness a shift from token orders from companies (look good) to full commercial roll out.

Meet the team

We’re a global team of laundry, tech, and logistics experts on a mission to free people from laundry and dry cleaning so that they can spend more time doing what they love


Making things easy for you is our priority

Managing your laundry and dry cleaning in the 21st century should be simple and accessible from anywhere.

At first, we used both the app and Whatsapp to serve our customers and to provide them with support. We realized that the level of user interaction that WhatsApp provides is significantly higher than that of our app. In this regard, we have moved our entire workflow and process over to Whatsapp and we quit the app and use Whatsapp as our sole means of communication and interaction.

Quality without compromise

Managing your laundry and dry cleaning in the 21st century should be simple and accessible from anywhere.

We provide you with the best laundry service so that you can save time and money. We are constantly doing our best to make sure we have the latest and most effective technologies in our laundries. Our purpose is to make your life easier, not more stressful.

Don’t let your chores
define who you are

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